San Francisco Sports Team Mascots

The Bay Area is a hub of many popular major league sports franchises. Two of the most popular professional teams in this area belong to San Francisco. Known as the largest cultural center in Northern California, these team’s mascots are just about as unique and diverse as their fans. So if you’ve ever wondered what exactly a 49er is, for example, here is a quick guide to San Francisco’s professional sports teams’ mascots.

Lou Seal for the San Francisco Giants

The Giants are San Francisco’s major league baseball team. Their first mascot was known as Crazy Crab. He was meant to be an anti-mascot that fans could get angry and boo at. Crazy Crab only lasted for one season in 1984, though, as fans began throwing dangerous objects at him. The Giants current team mascot is Lou Seal, a gray seal that was named for the seals that live on the wharves at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. He was introduced as the team mascot in 1997 and has since attended 1,150 consecutive home games. Forbes named Lou Seal the best professional sports mascot in 2008.

Sourdough Sam for the San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers got their team name from the gold prospectors who came to Northern California around 1949 in the California Gold Rush. The football team received this name when they were established in 1946, and the team’s logo from 1946 to 1962 featured a character known as Sourdough Sam. In the original logo, he appeared as a gold prospector that was jumping in the air while shooting two pistols. This logo soon evolved into a bearded mascot that has jersey number 49 and wears a tattered ten-gallon hat. In 2006, however, the team cleaned up Sourdough Sam’s appearance, and he now appears as a clean-shaven, blue-eyed gold panner. Sam did seem to regrow his beard in 2011, however.